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We are incredibly passionate about creating amazing real estate promotional videos and photos! Why? Because we know we can make the difference in generating interest and leads for the property with professional marketing content. We live and work in Costa Rica and it is important that we represent this country’s real estate industry with helpful and professional transactions where every one wins.  We want to get rid of old stereotypes about doing business in a “3rd world country” when we know Costa Rica is far more polished and legitimate than that.

We want to express this with modern cinematic videos and high quality photos for our clients.  If that is not enough, we offer 360 degree virtual walk-throughs and also virtual tours.  A walk-through is an immersive experience that can combine with Virtual Reality glasses so that potential home buyers from around the world can get to know your property.

Real Estate Ninja is here to aid in all real estate marketing & promotional projects you have in Costa Rica. Call Real Estate Ninja create stunning videos and photos that capture the essence of the home you are selling.

Construction companies, architects, and municipalities alike can all benefit from hiring a Real Estate Ninja to come to the project site to record before and after videos to highlight the long term improvements that occur.

Shoot us an email or call us at +506 8963-5416 or +506 8427-0728

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